The Onion has responded to Facebook’s decision to label their articles as satire. It is, as usual, perfect.

Scored this in my Jeep this morning. Here’s to the next 100k.

Not only is it one of the best songs in the Suicidal Tendencies catalogue, 3:15 represents some of John Cusack’s finest work.

"Out in the backyard clearing brush. Got my work boots on. I think I just rubbed poison ivy all over my face."

Explosions in the Sky-ish. In a good way.

(Source: Spotify)

Fort Hazel. Population: dog. via Instagram

One last panorama. Because it’s the end of our beach week and even though there are a few more weeks of August left, summer feels like it’s ticking away 😕…

Walking around the beach, enjoying peak summer. Perfection. Then a greenhead decides to bite me right on the fucking neck. Thanks, Nature, for keeping me from getting all blissed out.

Camp Ellis, Maine

at the beach and enjoying a tranquil moment. 🌅 via Instagram

the billy goat is back, extra naughty. via Instagram

hi! via Instagram

went for a nice birthday stroll at Elizabeth Park yesterday. ☺ via Instagram